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Where the vine plant is king

The vine is a creeper which needs managing and taming. Every year we carefully adapt our work in the vines to the capricious nature of our climate.
Our vineyard crew, loyal and encouraged by the progress of the estate and the recognition of the quality of its wines, have sharpened their observation skills through a greater understanding of the vineyard’s soils and terroirs, of the vines and their age in each of the plots, and through the experience of successful vineyard management in each growing season.

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Where the vine plant is king

Traditionally the vines:

are earthed up in autumn and the rows seeded for a cover crop.
Pruning is done in the winter, and the old shoots are pulled out and mulched for an organic return to a dormant soil.
During spring, the new shoots are thinned out, raised upright inside the wires and trimmed. The vine now concentrates on nourishing and protecting the flower and the fruit to come. Climatically, a sensitive period for the vines, we naturally take measures to prevent the outbreak of vine diseases.
Lateral shoots are removed and leaves are plucked in the summer, when the hot sun provides the grapes with their flavour and tannins.

The dates for the harvesting, which is done by hand and machine, are decided only when the grapes are judged ready. Now the nights are cooler and the sunshine gentler, and the last rays of September sun add the finishing touches to the ripening of the berries, all under the watchful eye of Jérôme Bertran, Richelieu’s passionate vineyard manager, and his crew.