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Richelieu’s land

Château Richelieu, nestling at the foot of the Fronsac mound, the altitude of which is a modest but respectable 70 metres, benefits from climatic conditions that protect the vines from the much-feared hailstorms.

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Richelieu’s land

The Dordogne River, which flows along the foot of the appellation, never ceases to offer superb views of its meanders. Bending around the Fronsac slopes, the river brings extra mildness to the temperate climate that is so prized in the Bordeaux vineyard, protecting the young shoots from spring frosts.

Richelieu’s land stretches out around its 17th century structure. 30 hectares (74 acres) of vines, ten of which are situated in the historic core of the estate, offer visitors a delightful setting for a holiday getaway.

The soils are made up of the classic Fronsac terroir of clay-limestone and Fronsac molasse which help produce wines of great breed in their youth and elegance as they age. Underpinned by great aromatic complexity, the wines mirror the patchwork of plots, soils and exposures from which they were made.