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Fronsac- landscapes by nature

At the confluence of the Isle and Dordogne rivers, on the right bank of the Garonne, the eponymous commune of the Fronsac appellation offers a precious viticultural garden of 840 hectares (2,075 acres) shared by a hundred or so vine-growing estates, one of which is Château Richelieu.

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Fronsac- landscapes by nature

At the foot of the famous mound of Fronsac, once a strategic location but now an emblematic landmark for Fronsac’s inhabitants and visitors, the vineyard of Château Richelieu stretches over the vales and hillsides surrounding its historic 17th century building.

40km from Bordeaux city and 5km from Libourne and the prestigious neighbouring appellations of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, Fronsac was the cradle of Gallo-Roman vine growing in the Bordeaux region.

In the 18th century its wines dazzled at the Royal Court, thus helping them to gain great renown. Today, Fronsac is much-admired for its landscape of rolling hills, its ancient residences and its sloping vineyards. Often compared to Tuscany, it is above all a land of dedicated men and women, where the appellation’s exceptional terroir and subsoils are religiously preserved.