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Soil and sub-soil

At the confluence of two rivers, the Isle and the Dordogne, Fronsac offers a high-quality vine growing terroir along with a superb landscape made up of plateaus and slopes.

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Soil and sub-soil

The clay-limestone and Fronsac molasse soils are the special geological features of the Fronsac appellation, which is preserved during times of drought by the capacity of the clays to absorb, conserve and give back water to the vines, and by the coolness of the layer of limestone close to the soil’s surface.

The rains that fall on our Atlantic-influenced wine regions are naturally drained here by the slopes that embellish the landscape and benefit the vines, which flourish and strengthen in seasons of limited water supply.

The biological life in our soils is maintained by the sowing in the rows of different types of seeds according to the soil-type of each plot and to the vigour of the vines. Legumes, cereals and cruciferous seeds improve the structure of the soil, and they are greatly appreciated by auxiliary fauna in the spring.