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Our environmental commitment

As a team, we share a double philosophy: to preserve the land and the plants, and to work as vine growers in a reasoned way, assuming responsibility for the terroir, the people working on it and the inhabitants that live alongside it.

Haute valeur environnementale

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Our environmental commitment

Vineyards that are cultivated using cover crops facilitate biodiversity and enhance the ecological balance of the land via a diversified succession of nutrients: barley, grasses, oats, rye, vetch, peas and so on. Small insects, crawlers and climbers of all types inhabit our rows of vines.
We cultivate this microcosm within surroundings of natural grass for the good of the land, the atmosphere and the recreated biodiversity –something which is close to our hearts.

Château Richelieu is a village vineyard and has adopted an environmental policy adapted to its own needs and personal convictions. In so doing, it complies with the wishes of its neighbouring inhabitants, who are an integral part of the local vine-growing community.

The reduction of inputs, the natural fertilisation of the soils via successive sowing of seeds, the return to manual working, prevention and information together constitute an approach to the environment that has been put in place to broaden collective environmental awareness.